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Global Art Network or GAN is the next big thing in global art and the mother of all art network. At present we have more than 80,000 network of artists across globe. GAN aiming to have a more transparent, cordial, affordable and most importantly effective way to have global exposure through artists residency, art exchange, exhibition in international  venues and to have great international connection .This aims to have understanding of different culture, art, people and social issues and to work towards bridging the gap.

How it works?

We have formed a global network body which is consists of artists, curators, bureaucrats, media and businessmen.And the core team will change in every two years. The core team takes important decision regarding the projects and the future growth.

We have formed a team called ART IMPACT which is consists of 55 countries representative spreading across 6 continents. Each 55 countries of ART IMPACT do have one or more representatives depending on the number of ART CENTERS that particular country has. AN ART CENTER is a city or region of a country which is very active related to art and global art and activities. Each ART CENTER will have a GAN representative who will be working towards the center’s growth and activities and will be a privileged  member to be participate in any of the GAN activities.

To become a GAN representative you can write us to .