Why GAE ?

We believe there is a need of a revolution in the GLOBAL ART which can bring more transparency and more easy and affordable platform for artists, art collectors, art galleries and art lovers to enjoy, explore and grow with Art. We have already having more than 80,000 art contacts across globe and the number is increasing every day.We want to give global exposure to artists and galleries in very cost effective way and to promote the talented artists in the most transparent way.

Associating with GAE gives you:

  • Experienced team of Art Agents.
  • Researched area of Showcase.
  • Exclusive and spectacular venues.
  • Very affordable prices.
  • Hotel stay in the exhibition Venue so that you can focus on networking and enjoying the event.
  • Site Seeing of the venue to know the culture and people of the place.
  • Direct Interaction with international guest curators and gallerists for future projects.
  • Get excellent opportunity to give talk on your work in front of global artists and media.
  • Get global exposure through international art magazine, ‘Emerzing Stars’ and others.
  • Exhibit alongside worlds top emerging artists & galleries.
  • Unique exhibition experiences, with pre- and after network parties.
  • Invites sent out to local partners and their members.
  • Invites sent out to local galleries.
  • International Press.
  • Free entrance to all visitors.
  • No commission charged.
  • Become part of a large exclusive international art network.
  • Big promotion, incl local & global advertising.
  • Featured in Showcase catalogue printed by multi-award winning printer.
  • Complimentary gifts at expose.
  • Enter the prestigious GAE Awards and featured by the Press.
  • Certificate of Participation.
  • Huge promotion, including Social Media reach to millions of people.
  • GAE is an active charity supporter
  • We work towards bringing solutions of social issues across the globe.
  • We provide best value staying at our partnership hotels in the area.
  • We are fun to work with us and to see the world and experience.